Scuba Diving Certification

In January of 2008 I did a discover scuba course and reef dive down in Belize. I was hooked instantly! At the time I was living in Minnesota, and I couldn’t wait for the lakes to thaw out so that I could get certified. That summer I got my open water scuba certification through a PADI shop up there. I earned my advanced open water and 5 specialties within my first year. Unfortunately, the diving season in Minnesota was limited to the few months a year where there wasn’t ice on the lakes. I dove some really cold water up there, but I never did go ice diving. During the winter months, we would typically take a trip somewhere warm about once a year. These trips were my chance to¬†get a few salt water dives in whenever I could. By 2012 we said enough was enough and moved to Florida, where the water actually stayed in a liquid form all year around. I knew that I wanted scuba diving to be a bigger part of my life, and I quickly decided to go through the PADI divemaster and open water scuba instructor programs. Now, I can teach almost all of the PADI recreational certifications, including the majority of their specialties. I thoroughly enjoy the adventure, and the serenity that scuba diving offers. If you want to learn how to dive, or advance your diving skillset, give me a call at 941-888-4FUN (941-888-4386). More information on the classes I teach is available here.

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