Screw the Idaho Potato, Give Me Mountains!

It's kind of funny... no matter where I go in the world, people relate Idaho to the "Idaho Potato". Even while traveling throughout Asia in 2019, whenever I mentioned that I was visiting from Idaho they almost always came back with something about the "Idaho potato". Most people are actually surprised to find out that the majority of Idaho is covered with mountains! Whoever was in charge of marketing the "Idaho potato" must have done something right.

The Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho holds a special place in my heart. I truly cherish the time that I have spent there. The views are amazing, there's tons of wildlife around, the trails aren't typically overpopulated, and you're never far from a crystal clear alpine lake or mountain stream. 

Another big benefit that the Sawtooth's have is the way all of their trails seem to strategically connect at just the right place. It makes it easy to carve out a loop or through-hike so that you don't have to double-back over the same trail twice.

The video above will give you some idea of what the area has to offer. But in reality, it doesn't do it justice compared to taking it all in for yourself. If you notice that some of the views in the video are kind of hazy, that's from smoke which blew in from a forest fire not too far away from there.

If the trails and beauty isn't enough, there's also some truly awesome rock climbing routes to be had as well at Elephant's Perch, which is shown around the 32 second mark in the video above. Below is a breakdown of the climbing routes at Elephant's Perch. They are mostly trad climbing, where you place your own protection as you climb using nuts and cams, as opposed to sport climbing where you clip off to bolts which are anchored in the rock.

Astro ElephantTrad5.10
Boomers StoryTrad5.13-
Chasing the DragonTrad5.11+ A0
Direct BeckeyTrad5.11b
Divine GuidanceTrad5.11a R
E.P. AreteTrad5.11 A0
Fine Line, TheTrad5.11+
Fish LadderTrad/Top Rope5.12a
MojoTrad5.12b/c PG13
Mountaineer's RouteTrad5.9
Original BeckeyTrad5.11+
Slipstream (first pitch)Trad5.10a
Splittgerber-March DirectTrad5.10b
Sunrise BookTrad5.12-
Thorn Bush, TheTrad5.12d


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