Using Multiple Instagram Accounts to Hyper-Focus on Different Aspects of Life

Like most people, I started out with a single Instagram account and my posts were kind of random. As time went on I started to see the benefit of having dedicated Instagram accounts for various aspects of my life. By splitting up my Instagram life into several accounts, people can choose to follow the parts of my life that interest them, but they don't have to get overwhelmed by topics that don't. 

For example, below are the ones that I have active today. I'll likely be creating additional accounts in the future, when I have more time to manage them. But this gives you an idea of how I'm splitting things up today.
This is my main "personal" account. It has become a place where I'll post the major highlights of my life, but I try not to post too much or too frequently about any one topic.

As you may suspect, this Instagram account is focused on my underwater life. I am a technical CCR diver and a former dive professional. Now, I just dive for fun. If my diving interests people, they can follow this account and see all of my underwater adventures. I still might post a few pics here and there on my "personal" account, like from my recent trip to the Galapagos. However, the @GregKjono_Dives account will get the bulk of my underwater pics.

This Instagram account follows my fitness training. I have a somewhat unique training program which is focused on strength, endurance and agility in preparation for the various adventure sports that I partake in. If I do something which is a significant life event, I might make a post to my personal account. The rest of my training, however, will end up here.


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