Neglecting YouTube After Their Monetization Changes

My YouTube channel is kind of a mess right now. It has kind of been a dumping ground for random videos over the years. I've posted videos on everything from from sky diving to scuba diving, wing eating contests to toe nail removal... There's even a cat video in there (as shown above) LOL! 

Back in the day, I used to make some extra cash with YouTube's monetization program. Unfortunately, they decided to change their eligibility requirements and as a result my channel no longer met the requirements. Between that change and having some of my videos flagged as adult content (I mean really, getting a toe nail removed is restricted to 18+ years old...), I dumped a lot of the video content I had out there and I've barely posted any new videos in almost a decade now.

I do plan to change things up a little on there again though. I guess I'm finally getting over my spiteful grudge and feel like sharing some of my adventures again. My new videos will focus more on the adventure sports that I'm passionate about, like scuba diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. 

I actually have a lot of videos that I have yet to post... time has just been a rare commodity lately. I have countless hours of video to go through from my trips to the Galapagos, Truk Lagoon, and diving with the sea lions off of Hornby Island... just for starters. 

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